Dyno Custom Commands

We make cool custom commands for Dyno that anyone can use

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You can use variables in your autoresponders and custom commands to make them powerful!

Simple Variables

You can use these in autoresponders and custom commands.

  • {user}: The user calling the command. Eg: Hello {user}!
  • {server}: The server name
  • {channel}: The channel name
  • {@user}: Mention a user by their username (not nickname), replace user with username. Eg: - {@Nooblance}
  • {&role}: Mention a role by name, replace role with the role name. Eg: - {&Gamers}, We're streaming now!
  • {#channel}: A channel link, replace channel with the name of the channel you want to link. Eg: Use - {#testing} for all bot testing.
  • {everyone}: @everyone
  • {here}: @here

More Variables

These variables are more complex, and only work in custom commands.

{user} Variables

  • {user.id}: User’s id
  • {user.name}: User’s nickname including the discrim
  • {user.username}: User’s username
  • {user.discriminator} aka {user.discrim}: User’s discriminator
  • {user.nick}: User’s nickname excluding the discrim
  • {user.game}: User’s current game (if nothing, gets the last played game)
  • {user.avatar}: User’s avatar
  • {user.mention}: Mentions the user
  • {user.createdAt}: User’s registeration date
  • {user.joinedAt}: User’s join date

{server} Variables

  • {server.id}: Server’s id
  • {server.name}: Server’s name
  • {server.icon}: Server’s icon
  • {server.memberCount}: Amount of members on the server
  • {server.ownerID}: Owner’s id
  • {server.createdAt}: Server’s creation date
  • {server.region}: Server region

{channel} Variables

  • {channel.id}: Channel id
  • {channel.name}: Channel name
  • {channel.mention}: Channel mention

{time}/{date} Variables

Note: This will be in EST unless you set the time zone in the Premium dashboard.

  • {time}: Current 24 hour time
  • {time12}: Current 12 hour time
  • {date}: Current date
  • {datetime}: Current date with the 24 hour time
  • {datetime12}: Current date with the 12 hour time

Advanced Variables

Note: Most of these must be on separate lines

  • {noeveryone}: Disables @everyone in command
  • {prefix}: Output command prefix for server
  • {delete}: Delete command trigger after, example: - {delete} I am Dyno
  • {silent}: Silents the bot’s default response to a command used, example: - {silent} {!role {user} Humans}
  • $N - returns a command argument, example: You chose $1
  • $N+ - returns a command argument and all the arguments after that, example: You chose $1+
  • {!command}: execute a bot command, example: - {!role $1 Regulars}
  • {require:role}: Set required roles or serverMod to use command, example: - {require:Accomplices} or - {require:serverMod}
  • {require:#channel}: Set required channel to use command in, example:- {require:#batcave} This is the batcave.
  • {not:role}: Blacklist Role from using command, example:- {not:Lost Privileges}
  • {not:#channel}: Blacklist from being able to use command in said channel, example:- {not:#general}
  • {respond:#channel}: Set the channel the command responds in, example: - {respond:#announcements} Announcements woo!
  • {dm}: DM the bot response, example: - {dm} I just DMed you!
  • {dm:user}: DMs the bot response to a specified user, example: - {dm:Nooblance} I just DMed the mighty Lance!
  • {choose:option1;option2;option3}: List of items to randomize, example: - {choose:pie;cake;icecream;ban hammer}
  • {choice}: Placement for {choose} variable, example: {My favorite desert is {choice}

This list was copied from the Dyno Premium dashboard, then formatted and edited by DCC.