Dyno Custom Commands

We make cool custom commands for Dyno that anyone can use

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DCC Staff Team

DCC isn’t an easy thing to create, which is why this awesome team of people can get so much done!


Advaith is one of the founders of DCC. He also made AdvaithBot and some other cool stuff. You can check him out at advaith.fun, and he’s advaith#9121 on Discord.

Main Helpers

MrMastersword is a web developer with a passion for ingenuity. MrMastersword’s creations always reflect his utmost goal of creating the perfect website. You can find MrMastersword @mrmastersword#0042 or online at mastersword.big-brother.ga

A 19 year old girl that moderates the DCC server and helps with support! That’s Melissa! Gaming is her thing, if you’re not a gamer, then what are you doing with your life? Find her on Discord! Petabyte#0628.

Repo Maintainers

No bio shown.

Custom Command Helpers

Amosharper is a tinkerer, perfectionist, and Oxford comma user who loves to build things and rarely says no to a challenge.



Will is great at coding, loves to make YouTube videos and listen to music. He also loves ducks and other uncommon pets! Be like Will.


Here comes MineClipper! He is a 15 year old (almost 16) boy who lives in the USA. He loves coding and programming and working with bots and Discord. Playing video games and talking with others is where you can find him. You can reach him on Discord @MineClipper#5193

A boy who likes making custom commands, He knows everything about dyno. He likes playing video games, you can contact him in discord by searching yologamerXD2Comeback#3434.

Former Staff

DCC has some staff members who are no longer staff, here they are!